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Statute of Limitations on Child Support for Nebraska

Nebraska child support statute of limitations including the civil code, what age paternity must be established and emancipate rules.

Nebraska Age of Majority: when child support payments can be stopped.

19 years of age, unless the child marries, dies, or is emancipated by the court.

Statutory cite or civil code reference for the age of majority?

Neb. Rev. Stat. ? 43-2101 (1998) see also Neb. Rev. Stat. 42-371.01 (1998).

If not addressed in the order, at what age is child support automatically terminated as a matter of State law?

See Neb. Rev. Stat. 42-371.01 (1998).

Does the date of the order impact what law is applied?

Yes, the age of emancipation at the time the order was entered governs.

Does child support end if the child leaves the household but does not emancipate?


Is support ever paid beyond the age of majority?

Only if parties agreed and its included in the support order.

Statute of Limitations to enforce a child support order.


Statute of Limitations to establish paternity:

4 years after the child's birth if brought by the mother or alleged father; 18 years after the child's birth if brought by a guardian or next friend of child or the state.

Is dormancy revival/renewal possible?

No, in Nebraska judgements for child support and spousal support become liens on real and personal property by operation of law. This statutory lien expires 10 years after the youngest child becomes of age or dies or the most recent execution was issued to collect the judgment, whichever is later.