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Statute of Limitations on Child Support for Mississippi

Mississippi child support statute of limitations including the civil code, what age paternity must be established and emancipate rules.

Mississippi Age of Majority: when child support payments can be stopped.

21 years of age unless alternative is specified in order.

Statutory cite or civil code reference for the age of majority?

MCA Sections 93-5-23 & 93-11-65

If not addressed in the order, at what age is child support automatically terminated as a matter of State law?

21 years of age unless the order is not per child and there is more than one child.

Does the date of the order impact what law is applied?


Does child support end if the child leaves the household but does not emancipate?

No, it is not clear whether marriage, joining the military, or being convicted of a felony emancipates. The court makes these decisions. However, case law does say that the child cannot be unemancipated once emancipated.

Is support ever paid beyond the age of majority?

Yes, if the parties agree, support may continue beyond the age of majority and some courts may order this if the child is handicapped.

Statute of Limitations to enforce a child support order.

7 years past age of majority.

Statute of Limitations to establish paternity:

18 years of age.

Is dormancy revival/renewal possible?

No, enrolling the judgment in the circuit court or any other judicial action can extend the seven-year statute of limitation.