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Official & Unofficial Child Support Resources

first and most important step in collecting back child support is understanding your rights and the issues surrounding your child support case. Use the links below to learn more.

Official Resources

Resource Directory National Coalition for Child Support Options

Child Support Enforcement Council

ACF/Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement

National Child Support Enforcement Association

Non-profit Child Support Organizations

National Child Support Enforcement Association
Is a nonprofit, membership organization representing the child support community - a work force of over 60,000. NCSEA's mission is to promote the well-being of children through professional development of its membership, advocacy and public awareness. They advocate for and enhance professionalism in the child support work force through nationally recognized conferences, seminars, forums and Child Support Tele-Talks. Educate parents and other stakeholders about the services provided by the child support community.
Nonprofit organization dedicated to exposing and finding deadbeat dads!

Unofficial but useful resources

Site catering to single moms

The Single Parent Network

Resource for Single Mothers

Single Mothers Online for single moms by choice or chance

Parenting Toolbox for Traditional and Nontraditional Families