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Use these child support collection laws and state rules to get help collecting child support and to learn how to establish and enforce paternity, collect back child support from absent or missing parents and military members. Use our FREE child support calculator to determine the amount of your back support including interest.

Child support collection laws vary from State to State. This FREE site is designed to help you understand your state's child support collection laws and assist you in learning how to go about collecting past due or back child support payments (possibly with interest). Use our free on-line arrearage calculator to figure out the approximate amount of back support you can collect.

Child Support FAQ: I'm often asked if a parent can be sued for back child support even after the child has left the home. A typical question goes like this...

"I'm 25 years old and my father owes my mother over $25,000 in back child support. Can I or my mother still collect on this money even though I no longer live at home?"

The answer depends on your State's law and its Statutes of Limitation for collecting child support. Many states consider a child support order the same as a judgment thus back support can be collected until the Statute of Limitations on a judgment expires. In a few states, the statute of limitations expires when the child reaches the "age of majority" typically 18 (19 if still in high school or 23 if in college).

I'm also asked if it's possible to collect child support from someone who has moved (fled) to another country. It depends on whether or not the United States and your State have an agreement with the country in question.
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